Where Do You Want To GROW Your Business?

Anyone can’t start a business. But do you have what it takes to run a COMPANY? We transform leaders, build teams, and grow companies. We’re not in the business to telling you what to do to scale & grow a company. We’re in the business of helping you implement what you need to do to scale & grow a company.

Growth Strategies Consulting

Let’s get moving to grow and scale your business the right way with private consulting and advisory services. For Customized Growth Strategies, call +1 424-235-4680 or contact us via web.

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Join A Growth Club

Build your network, grow relationships, get real clients, get your product on shelves, and align yourself with the right people to grow your business. Join or lead a club. Ask about licensing opportunities.

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Get Informed & Inspired

Listen to or watch a show, subscribe to the magazine, or read Adrienne’s latest thoughts, ideas and advice on her blog. She gives raw, real and relevant advice & commentary.

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From the Blog

Grow Your Company in ANY Economy

Yes, you can strategically GROW your company in any economy. Get guidance, implementable strategies & action plans to remove obstacles, refine operations, strengthen your focus, expand your business, create jobs, optimize your brand, boost profits, increase productivity, and dramatically increase your REVENUE to take your company to the next level.

When you develop good business practices you can replicate that throughout your company to get to the next level. Having a solid foundation leads to growth an success. Learn how to run a company before you market it. Let us work with you to show you how. Are you all in? Read more or watch the CEO Welcome message above first.

Timely Content for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Our Internet TV channel Empowered for Growth TV allows us to share interviews and experiences through live streaming media and on-demand videos. Content is focused on and emphasizes growth, success, business ownership, professional development, access to capital, talent management, leadership, networking, social media branding, professional branding, entrepreneurship and the day to day issues (good, bad, or indifferent) that entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs face in building their business.

We also celebrate the successes of people who may not get as much media spotlight or attention as more prominent people who are consistently in the public eye. Our goal is to bring not just real content, but useful content that people want to see that will help them improve as they grow and apply to their individual situations.

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Empower Me! has a publishing division that houses several book titles, an active blog and a digital magazine.

Empower Me! Magazine is a global magazine that focuses on issues that resonates with today’s business leaders. The magazine covers topics of small business management, growth strategies, expansion, making deals, power networking, professional development, leadership, relationship building, finance, negotiating, mentoring, branding and entrepreneurship. But most of all, articles speak to common sense approaches, timely discussions and action necessary to grow companies, leaders and teams.

Subscribers get access to premium content including video interviews and special subscriber-only events and courses.

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