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We work with your company to grow, scale and expand by providing customized growth focused strategies including:

  • Staffing Strategy
  • Operations Strategy
  • Revenue Strategy
  • Customer Strategy
  • Expansion Strategy


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Yes, you can strategically GROW your business in any economy. Get guidance, implementable strategies & action plans to remove obstacles, refine operations, strengthen your focus, expand your business, create jobs, optimize your brand, boost profits & productivity, and dramatically increase your REVENUE to take your company to the next level. Get results when the market says you can’t. Let us work with you to show you how. Are you all in? Read more or watch the CEO Welcome message above first.

Optimization Strategy includes introduction of new products/services, and existing product/service optimization.
Staffing Strategy includes planning and hiring of employees and developing recruitment systems & processes.
Operations Strategy includes making sure the internal functions of your business have repeatable, scalable, efficient processes in place.
Revenue Strategy includes monetization, revamping your pricing, turn money losing products & services into revenue generating, direct vs. indirect income, and plugging income leaks.
Customer Strategy includes customer acquisition, target market identification, sales process, & retention.
Expansion Strategy includes marketing, branding, raising capital, expansion, succession.


Have Questions to ask?

How long does it take to see results?
That depends. Each client's situation is different. Success depends on client's commitment to doing the work, how many issues the company is facing, what desired outcomes are, ability to take direction and try different methods, and the long term vision for the company.
What is a Strategy Session and how is it different from a Strategy Day?
Strategy sessions are for clients who know what needs to be done and want to do it themselves, but have no idea of how to execute (DIY- Do It Yourself). They are designed to collaborate with clients to put together a step-by-step strategy to solve a specific business issue, and introduce objectivity and a fresh perspective to a problem. We provide detailed strategy mapping, develop a customized action plan, recommend ideal resources and tools, and provide a milestone checklist for clients to follow and implement on their own. Strategy days are for clients who have multiple trouble spots in their business and want someone to walk them through creating strategies for each issue (DIT- Do It Together). This is a full day session where our team comes in to the client’s office and collaborates with clients (and their team) to put together step-by-step strategies to solve various business issues, and introduce objectivity and a fresh perspective to a problem. These session are delivered onsite at the client’s location or a mutual location (such as a private offsite conference room). Clients articulate specific objectives and vision of desired outcomes. We provide detailed strategy mapping for each area of concern, develop customized, comprehensive action plans, recommend ideal resources and tools, and provide milestone checklists for clients to follow and implement on their own.
Will I be working with Adrienne Graham directly or exclusively?
That depends. We have a team of consultants each with different areas of expertise. Depending on what you are looking for, you may be able to work with her directly. She is always co-counsel for every client engagement, but she allows her consultants to do what they do best. If you specifically want to have her come on board as an Interim COO or Interim Director of Recruitment for a limited term, please contact us with your request.
How can I be on one of your shows as an expert?
We generally seek out people to be on our shows. However, we occasionally review media queries. Please email Guest experts are chosen based on their area of expertise, noted and verifiable success, and personality. Our guests need to be able to captivate and engage our audience, not just spout facts or talk about themselves.
I don’t want to/can’t afford to retain your services. Are there any DIY solutions?
Great question! There are a few solutions you can choose. Self study courses are available with no additional services provided. You can also listen to one of our shows and read the blog or magazine. But they are not designed to give you a blueprint and directions. The best way to discover if you can use a DIY solution, is to schedule a Discovery Session or Evaluation Assessment with us. Discovery Session is a free 15 minute conversation to get acquainted with your situation and determine if we are the ones who can help you with your problem. An Evaluation Session is not free, but designed to get to the heart of the problem and recommend solutions (DIY or working with us).
My business is really suffering. Can you help me before I run out of money?
Hold on. Please read our statement of economic responsibility. We will not work with clients who are moments from closing down or cannot afford to engage our services. It may seem counter-productive, but we believe that a business should first focus on stopping the (financial) bleeding first, then get themselves ready to work with our company. A lot of times slick advertising, heart-tugging messages and flashy would be "business coaches" finesse situations to get people to spend more money than they can afford and end up costing them more money. We believe clients have a right to our services, but only if it will not incur any additional expenses that will cause a hardship. We advise all clients to get very clear about their financial situation and what they are realistically able to do to get back on track. We also ask that clients be willing to surrender themselves to the process so they can experience the changes they need. When you are worried about financial concerns, it detracts away from doing the work you need to do.
Are you a coaching company?
No. We are Growth Strategists who work with companies to create, implement and monitor strategies to help them grow. There is no $49/month group program with one way calls and worksheets. We set measurable goals and milestones and work with each client individually to make sure they meet their objectives. We are more of a consultancy than coaching. We do however, offer Quickfire Coaching sessions with no package obligation, and a program called Next Level Business Strategies, which is a group program but it is highly interactive, intensive and hands on.
I heard your company began as a women’s only company. Do you still only work with women?
You are correct. When we initially launched the company in 1998, it was for women only. More specifically, women of color. But over the years we have grown and diversified as our mission shifted. We work with men and women regardless of race, sexual preference or background.
Do you work with startup companies?
Yes but in certain circumstances. While many people would love to start a business and actually do, some never get past the idea phase. We work with companies that have a written business plan, a business and revenue model, potential for growth and scalability, and are looking to put growth strategies in place. We prefer to work with startups that are VC or Angel funded.
Do you do free or pro bono work?
No we don't. We are a for profit entity. We will gift services or provide reduced costs on a case by case basis, and no application or request is accepted for this.

What People are Saying:

I had the pleasure of having Adrienne participate in two events I’ve organized over the past couple of years. One as a panelist on a social media panel at The Atlanta Tribune’s annual Moving Your Business Forward conference, and as moderator for a high-powered discussion on the role of online communities for my inaugural Social Biz Atlanta event. Having seen Adrienne in action before I knew she was perfect for both roles. As a panelist she brought passion, energy and a wealth of personal experiences that added an extra dimension to the group conversation. And as a moderator, she was the perfect “point guard” in leading the panel in a fascinating conversation allowing each participant to provide valuable insights that fed the audience a wealth of information – in a very entertaining manner. I will not hesitate to call on Adrienne for future events, as she is a proven entity when it comes to providing audiences with information, energy and insights, in a fun and unique way.
We were incredibly pleased with how well Adrienne demonstrated her understanding of our objectives and very impressed with the extent to which she tailored her presentation to our needs and the audience of attendees who left this important conference motivated and inspired. Adrienne’s passion and professionalism were apparent thoughout the process from first meeting, through preparation, presentation and follow up.
Adrienne is a very thorough and talented recruiter. She was very pleasurable to work with and worked hard to understand the talent I was looking for and kept the candidate pipeline full. I would recommend her in an instant.
Adrienne Graham supported the ACNielsen IT recruiting needs in 2005 and into 2006. Adrienne came highly recommended from other organizations she previously supported and based upon the complexity of the roles we were filling, it required someone of Adrienne’s caliber, industry connections and IT expertise to meet our recruiting needs. Adrienne is the consummate Sr. level recruiting professional, ramps up in a timely manner and was enjoyable to have on our team. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value
Adrienne is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to recruiting top candidates, “internetworking” and staying head of the recruiting game. She is an guru when it comes to nontraditional sourcing methods and is worth millions for her resources alone! Adrienne’s time management skills, fun-loving personality and drive to be on top of her recruiting game is what makes her a success. It is an honor to work with Adrienne, if you are lucky enough to do so.
Adrienne was a contract recruiter on my team. The “short term” engagement turned out to be about 15 months. In addition to being a great recruiter, she became a teacher by sharing her deep recruiting expertise with all of us. Often members of my team would reach out to her for advice. A few things that I have appreciated about Adrienne: First, she is self-motivated. She continues to further hone her recruiting capabilities. A recent example of that was when she became a Certified Diversity Recruiter. She chose to do that on her own and at her own expense. Secondly, she is empowered and encourages others to become empowered. She makes herself available to help others achieve their goals and connects people with those who can provide assistance. She is definitely a “pay forward” person. That makes for a very special person and it has been a pleasure to get to know her. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative
Donna SatterthwaiteADP
Adrienne isn't just in business, her heart and soul is poured into everything she does. She is passionate about helping her clients success -- sincerely. And what I like most about her: collaborative and always gives back!
Working with Adrienne was the kick in the butt I needed to put my business growth into overdrive. I had stalled in my pursuit of a major development of my company before working with her and I did not even realize it. In 2 months of working with Adrienne, I accomplished more than I had in 9 months on my own. Her direction, motivation, encouragement and deadlines propelled me to the next level faster than I could have imagined. I just hope I don’t lose the momentum on my own.
I was a client in the Next Level Business Intensive Coaching Program with Adrienne Graham and it was one of the most empowering experience of my business. As a coach, development is a natural part of my profession, but Adrienne took it to another level. Her style and approach is ‘no-nonsense’ and ‘intense’ in a way that causes you to stretch, but also know that you are supported and well capable of making the stretch. Adrienne is a ‘big thinker’, I remember at times feeling as though some exercises were not relevant for my business at this size, but I quickly learned that as I prepared for expansion and made room for growth, the growth soon followed. Adrienne also has a great way of sensing your true abilities and then reflecting it back to you in a way that makes it hard for you to shrink below it again. The Next Level Business Intensive Program gives participants the opportunity to benefit from the priceless combination of Adrienne’s coaching ability, business acumen, and circle of influence. I highly recommend Adrienne Graham to any business owner that is truly ready to put aside fears and excuses and outgrow their personal, professional and revenue goals!
Tiffany LymonBaltimore, MD
Adrienne has been a God-send! Her willingness to share her experiences and ideas has been very valuable in helping me develop my own business. She has an uncanny way of taking your ideas and stretching them and you beyond the comfort zone in order to reach the next level. Adrienne is a walking “rolodex” of great resources; it’s remarkable! I feel much more confident in where I’m going and what I can do, and I know Adrienne has played a key role in bringing this to life. I can’t thank her enough.
This Coaching has helped me to get out of my comfort zone and take action in growing my business. By implementing the strategies that I have learned from Adrienne Graham, I have grown personally and professionally.
The business coaching program has been a blessing. Adrienne was the miracle worker I needed to help me restructure my company. She brought out the six figure mindset that I needed to get to the next level.
Kristina CoxCelebrate & Communicate, Houston, TX

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