About the Company




Who are we and what do we stand for?

teammeetingGROWTH…in any economy, period. People want to grow and achieve specific, measurable results in an ever changing business marketplace. And they want to know how to do it even when the market tells them it’s impossible.

Grow your business in any economy, any market, any circumstance that threatens to derail your goals for success. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s impossible. Empower Me! makes sure clients grow.

Empower Me! Corporation is a growth strategies consultancy with brand extensions in media, publishing and entrepreneurial/small business education. We work with companies to repair, scale and/or grow their businesses into sustainable, profit generating companies.

We provide growth strategy consulting services, CEO mentoring, implementation services, and customized training programs to help the serious business owner achieve growth and next level success. We push you out of your comfort zone to achieve the goals you set for your company, and hold you accountable for your success.

We provide business growth strategy services for clients looking to get unstuck. It’s all about empowering you and helping you GROW to operate from a place of strength and confidence in any economy. What are you willing to do to make that happen? Let us work with you on your turn around (or expansion) strategy.

At Empower Me! you have options:

  • DIY (Do it Yourself) by scheduling a “Pick My Brain” session, checking out our media content, or purchasing our self study programs;
  • DIT (Do it Together) by signing up for our strategy consulting sessions, attending one of our signature events, or by choosing our private customized consulting services;
  • DWH (Do it With Help) by selecting our private CEO advisory program, registering for classes, joining our exclusive networks, or participating in our group programs.



Get unstuck & GROW!

We work one on one with private clients and in group environments for teams or individuals who want that added level of accountability. In this ever evolving world of technology, business climate, and web Empower Me! Corporation brings live and on-demand content in streaming and downloadable media. We are actively growing our brand through social media, technology and  good old fashioned face to face meetings to be accessible on a global scale. But the true value of this organization comes from building real relationships. There is heavy emphasis on the EXPERIENCE– through education, relationship building, positive reinforcement, personal interaction and community building.

Starting a business is vastly different than running a business. Anyone can start a business, and there are tons of resources out there to help you start a business. But what happens after startup? Nobody wants to remain stagnant, and not every founder knows how to effectively run or chart the growth for their company. Growth is necessary to thrive and survive in any economy, regardless of who’s in office.



Here’s how we do it.

Professional Development & Consulting Division


We work with clients to grow and scale their businesses. Our business growth strategies services are designed to zero in on the core issues holding your business back from growth and creating a strategy and implementing an action plan to fix it. And since all businesses don’t have the same issues, we customize each experience based on a thorough analysis process. Learn more.


We also offer a special private CEO Advisory Program. This is an exclusive program to select CEOs. There is a thorough screening process for acceptance. Contact us for more details.


The Growth Clinics are intense accountability program for small business owners serious about taking their product, skills and knowledge and transitioning to the next level by making it into a thriving company that they work on and not in. You have a business to build. What happens when it’s time to scale your business for growth, maximize profits, hire staff, grow your bottom line or pivot to weather the economic storms? We get under the hood, cut through the bull & excuses together, and help you fix what’s wrong so that you can succeed and prosper….with measurable results. Move from mere business owner, to powerful CEO with a real company.


Growthcademy (formerly Empower Me! Institute) offers real time, live, web based (and sometimes onsite) classes in entrepreneurship, small business management, technology planning, communication, networking, social media branding and leadership. It’s all about EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING. Classes are designed for the business owner who wants to improve their skills or business, and as a workforce retention initiative to train and retain a sustainable talent pool of employees who can enhance their skills and contribute to your bottom line.

In this busy, fast paced environment, you can have the benefit of a “face to face” class session while never leaving your desk, iPad or smartphone. What makes us different is that you, the student, bring your business/problem/issue to the class…your business is your own case study. It’s not about textbook learning or theories. It’s about equipping you to find & implement real solutions. After all, isn’t that what you come to a class for?

Classes are instructor led and vary from 4 to 8 weeks in length (with the exception of Lunchtime Strategies, which are 60 minute, web delivered, live sessions focusing on specific topics, include special guest experts and Q&A) for the short-term, passive learners. Students can take one or a few classes, subscribe to one or more of the academy tracks, or purchase an annual subscription to have unlimited access to all classes. And companies have the option to Design Your Own Curriculum. Contact us for more details.



Media Division

Views From the Top is a weekly radio show (Fridays at 9AM EST) under the Empower Me! Radio brand that addresses career, entrepreneurship and small business topics, and serves as on the spot coaching & guidance for listeners who want to move up, get ahead and succeed. Our guest panelists take time to answer the questions on our listeners’ minds to help them find solutions to their problems. The show provides a mix of commentary, advice, resources and lots of laughs designed to help listeners grow. We like to consider Views From the Top as Solutions Radio™….listeners tune in to find solutions to what’s keeping them up at night. You’ll never hear gossip or forced opinions like most shows. And our guests don’t talk over or shout at one another. The advice is straight with no chaser, and our loyal viewers appreciate it. They never listen without having a pen and pad handy to take notes! We must be doing something right because Small Business Trends selected the show as a Top 100 Heavy Hitter Radio Show for Small Business (of which only 8 were from BlogTalkRadio, and 2 of those were by women) in 2010, and the Small Business Top 100 Podcast List: 2013 Edition (#26).

Empowered for Growth TV, an Internet TV channel launching soon, provides positive examples of successful business and professional people to help motivate, guide and inspire viewers to success. Our live 30 minute show, Real Talk with Real Entrepreneurs streams live. We have five additional 30-minute shows currently in development. Much like our radio show, the mission is to provide Solutions TV™. But it won’t be just about tuning in to see what happens next. Viewers will get to bridge that content into interactive conversations, contests and activities to help them grow. Our Solutions TV™ is a collaborative effort!


Publishing Division

Our publishing arm is responsible for Empower Me! Magazine as well as a variety of books, CDs and DVDs focusing on professional development, grow strategies, networking, social media branding, career management, entrepreneurship and small business growth & management.  We currently have five titles on the market. The current best seller is No You Can’t Pick My Brain, which was adapted from the wildly popular Forbes.com article (and 2013 Small Business Book Award Nominee) written by our CEO Adrienne Graham.

Be on the look out for new titles, so stay tuned for details.


Networking (Real Relationship Building)

Before all else, we are a network focused on building long lasting, sustainable and profitable relationships. No one person is an island. Networking is at the core of everything we do. Without the right people in place and the right connections to make things happen, success is limited. Learn more about our exclusive Business Owners Club, and for the 7-figure+ crowd, our exclusive Power Broker Club. They’re not just for anyone and the bar is purposely set high!

We Connect, Motivate, Inspire and Educate. We all grow together.

Get Empowered and stay tuned for exciting developments to come.

Media inquiries please contact media@empowerme.org.

Read about our CEO here.