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advertisehereclickWant access to  decision makers, movers & shakers? Looking to reach a targeted audience of driven professionals and business owners with buying and decision making power? Advertise with us!

We provide several opportunities for companies to advertise with us.

Some quick facts about our viewers:

  • Age Demographics: 25-54 years old
  • Gender Demographics: 53% women 47% men
  • Positions Held: Managerial, Professional, Executive
  • Personal Income: 50% earn more than $100K per year, 33% earn high 6 figures, 15% earn 7 figures, 2% earn below $100K
  • Business Revenue: 17% reported over $10 million, 29% reported bewteen $1 million and $10 million, 35% reported between $500K and $1 million, 19% rep0rted less than $500K
  • Entrepreneurship: 89% currently have their own business 11% are considering entrepreurship
  • Startups: 23% are startup companies under 3 years old
  • Serial Entrepreneurs: 47% have had or started more than one company
  • Growth Beyond Small Business Status: 57% say they want to some day grow to enterprise level and expand their business
  • Technology Use: 85% are tech savvy (46% of those can be considered experts)
  • Education: 30% hold advanced degrees, 60% hold at least a Bachelors, 10% hold no degree

Our viewers are savvy and looking to continue their entrepreneurial growth, want timely content that speaks to their issues, are looking for networks where they can build relationships and get results, and are open to passing along their knowledge and resources. Word of mouth is a huge factor with our viewers. Brand loyalty is important, but even more important is customer loyalty and stellar service. In a crowded market of ‘always-on’ messaging, they bore easily with static ad campaigns and generic messaging meant to capture volume, but are enticed by interactive messages that move them to take action. Advertising as usual won’t capture their attention so they’re expecting a WOW factor.

We offer opportunities for advertising and sponsorship in Empower Me! Magazine, Empower Me! Newsletter, Views From the Top Radio Show, Empower Me! Radio, The Business Owners Club, live events, and Empowered for Growth TV Channel. Because each advertisers needs are different and the ever evolving digital landscape, we choose not to make a traditional media kit available. Instead, we prefer to create customized options. For information about sponsoring events and/or networking groups, please contact us via email.

For more information, email us at


Advertising Options


Magazine Advertising: (circulation: 11K)

(Online only.


EMM_logoBanner Ads:

300 x 250 Large Square- $275/month




Video Ads:

30 second ad- $475/month


60 second ad- $575/month


90 second ad- $675/month




Video: Sponsored ad that offers expertise to our audience while advertising your company. No other company in your industry will have a sponsored video during your month- $500/month


Featured Post: Sponsored article that will be featured for the month on the main page. Includes two links of your choice. No competing companies from your industry will have an advertorial post for the duration of your post- $300/month



Newsletter Advertising: (Circulation: 1,300)

emlogoBanner Ads:

125 x 125 Square- $150/issue


300 x 250 Large Square- $250/issue


60 x 468 Skyscraper- $200/issue



Guest Advertorial Article:

Includes featured advertorial article back-linked to your site, ad banner & link (limited 2x per year)- $200/issue



Featured Partner Offers:

Send a promotional email newsletter to our targeted mailing list- $300/issue


Radio Show Advertising: (Listeners: 102K)

Advertising packages include the show on BlogTalkRadio, the iTunes download, and the website.


Show Ads:

15 second spot- $125 each

30 second spot- $250 each



Dedicated Show:

If you have a book coming out, a new product launch, jobs to share, etc, you can reserve an entire show segment (30 minutes) to discuss it and promote it. No other promotions will be run on your dedicated segment and you get to push your message out and interact with my audience. You’ll get the benefit of a live audience, and you’ll be able to share access for the replay and the iTunes download. So unlike regular radio, your message continues on and gets passed along virally. Price includes promotion.- $500


Sponsored Chats & Hangouts:

Sponsored TweetChat:

One hour sponsored TweetChat with dedicated hashtag focusing on topic of conversation of your choice (great promotional tool for new launches, precursor to job fairs, etc). Price includes promotion.- $250



Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 3.23.12 PMSponsored Persicopes, Livecasts & Google+ Hangouts:

One hour sponsored Periscope, livecast or Hangout with one or more representatives from your company discussing a pre-approved topic to gain more exposure for your company, product, service or event. Price includes promotion.- $350




Please consult the media kit for deadlines, frequency and specifications. We prefer ads be ready made. If you do not have an ad already created, we can have our graphics team design one for you. Banner ads cost $150 to design; print ads cost $350 to design.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you within 24 business hours. Thank you, The Empower Me! Team


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