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No You Can’t Pick My Brain- $18.99

What started as a blog post on in March 2011, launched a worldwide conversation for weeks after. That conversation keeps being reignited. Many service professionals have no idea how to assign value to their knowledge and most don’t know exactly how or where to draw the line between free friendly advice and fee based consultations. They find themselves being taken advantage of by people looking to get maximum information for no cost.  Some people will say you have to give away a lot of free to earn paying clients.

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Go Ahead, Talk to Strangers- $17.99

Go Ahead, Talk to Strangers- The Modern Girl’s Guide to Fearless Networking, written by Adrienne Graham, gives you the foundations needed to become a fearless networker. This is a practical guide that inspires women to actively build relationships and take “who they know” and turn it into a competitive advantage. Anyone has the power to network, but it takes a truly special type of person to value those relationships more than any tangible possession. Learn how to buck the system and circumvent the Glass Ceiling and the Ol’ Boys Network…without asking or waiting for permission. Learn the ABCs of networking from the woman who personifies networking! Become the networker you were born to be and be fearless doing it. Order your copy today:

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Main Street Matters- $29.99

Hey Main Street, you DO matter. Small businesses are the backbone of the economy. Without them, where would innovation come from. It takes a lot to run a small business. Main Street Matters focuses on topics of entrepreneurship and small business ownership. Listen as special guest experts give sound advice & strategies you can use to start, run & grow your business and thrive in any economy. Are you ready to do what it takes to grow and flourish?

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There’s Never a Right Time to Launch a Business- $29.99


There's Never a Right Time to Launch a BusinessSo when exactly is the right time to start a business? Any time is the right time, but especially in a bad economy. Entrepreneurship is the #1 way to create your own economy. But for many people, it remains a dream because they are either too afraid or risk averse to give it a try. In this 3 DVD set, Adrienne Graham walks you through some of the top reasons for starting your own business as soon as possible.

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Self-Study Courses


Pricing Strategies for Your Small Business- $199.00

No, profit is NOT a dirty word. But broke is!

Some people are afraid that if they set their prices too high, people won’t do business with them. But set them too low, and you risk losing it all or worse, having people devalue your worth. In order to be respected in business, you have to command what you’re worth, be confident telling people your prices and stand by your pricing to ensure you don’t end up in the poor house. Learn how to get paid more while giving away less free and becoming more profitable.


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Fearless Networking- $199.00

Networking is the most powerful thing you can do to advance your career or business. Without a solid network in place, when times get tough, you will struggle longer than a person with a network because you don’t have many people on your side to help you reach your goals.

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The Business of Self Publishing- $199.00

Writing a book is the easy part. But it doesn’t stop there. Did you know that self-publishing your own book is a business that goes way beyond writing it and putting it on Amazon? Even if it’s only part of your business strategy, it’s still serious business. Choose between the Digital ($159) and the Print & CD ($199 + S&H) versions.

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Need a little extra motivation? Need to be inspired? Give yourself the motivational shot in the arm. Don’t wait for others to give you validation. Check out our line of t-shirts, mugs, empowerment cards and other items to keep a constant reminder of how successful you are destined to be. We have a variety of items that are guaranteed to be just the message you need to hear right now.
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Looking for Business Growth Strategies help? Check out our services and classes.
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