Don’t Be A Broke Brand

Here are 6 things you’re doing to create a broke brand. You’re going crazy on the freebies and giveaways; they don’t always lead to real conversions. As I worked on growing my business, I fell victim to the thinking that free content will drive conversions. I spent a lot of time dispensing advice through my radio show, newsletter, blogs and on social media. I even gave away more free consulting […]

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The Power of Leverage- Working Your Networking Relationships for Success

Leverage. It sounds like an unassuming practical word, yet it holds so much power. Authority, power, clout, credit, juice, influence, pull, sway, weight. Anyway you slice it, leverage allows you to make big things happen and it’s usually gained through active, methodic networking. The key to successful leverage is cultivating powerful relationships. Unfortunately, many people don’t work on their relationships the right way and they end up losing out on […]

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3 Roadblocks Keeping Your Business from Scaling, Growing & Thriving

I love helping small businesses grow into companies. But I get so disappointed when people overlook the obvious in diagnosing why they’re not growing. There are three things keeping small business from scaling, growing and thriving….and none of them have to do with marketing. In this episode, I share with you what you should be focusing on if you want to go from a business to a company. I’ll also be […]

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Sister Angels- The Untapped Experience (and Capital) of Women Investors

When we think about investors, we usually think about a room full of guys with money to throw around. We think about the hard ass pitch sessions in which some men (usually from Silicon Valley or Silicon Alley) are telling you why you’re not ready for investment and frowning because you’ve wasted their time. But the landscape is changing. Yes the pitch meetings are still intense, but more women are […]

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Revenue Growth Strategies to Implement Next Week

When you mention “revenue”, most people automatically assume it just means make more money for the company and profits. Then they set out and try to drum up new business thinking more new business equals profitability. But revenue generation goes much deeper than just bring customers in the door. There is a fair amount of strategic planning and understanding your customers, what you offer, and how you offer it before […]

Reputation Economy- Bullshit or Brilliant?

Every year or even less, it seems like it’s another kind of economy. Shared economy, virtual economy, ecommerce economy, green economy, social economy and now reputation economy. True enough, we are living in a fast moving global economy and a smart business owner pays attention to the trends. But not everyone has to become part of the trend. Sometimes a phase (or fad) works for some, it doesn’t for others. […]

5 Spring Cleaning Ideas for Your Small Business

With warmer weather setting in, now is the perfect time to spring clean your small business. #SmallBiz Spring Cleaning ideas in this guest post from @HiscoxSmallBiz.Click To TweetPowered By CoSchedule Spring has been associated with cleaning and renewal since ancient times, when it coincided with the first opportunity to open windows and doors closed for the winter, clearing the air of dirt and dust of the winter. Today’s spring cleaning […]

Accidents happen, are you covered?

General liability insurance acts as a security blanket against claims arising from accidents What’s the forecast look like for your small business in 2014?  It’s likely to include plans for growth in sales, more clients or customers, and becoming more well-known in your industry and geographical area.  These are all worthy goals and attainable with focus and effort. Find out why YOUR small business needs liability insurance in this guest […]

If You’re Serious About Growing Your Business, Start with Workforce Planning

“Workforce Planning” sounds like something straight out of a big enterprise. And it is. But it doesn’t mean it can’t be applicable to small businesses too. I see it all the time. Small business owners and startup founders will set their minds on working with a skeleton crew for as long as it takes to reach a breaking point. Then they find themselves scrambling to find people to handle the […]