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Running a company is hard work. CEOs are often isolated and lonely, and quite often lack that circle of trusted advisors that they can turn to when they need a sounding board. CEOs are there to champion and coach employees, steer the company in the right direction and deflect the heat directed towards the brand. Burnout and overwhelm can set in quickly. Without a trusted advisor to keep you on track, you run the risk of imploding.

So what can a CEO Advisor do for me?

Simply put, a CEO Advisor helps you with a myriad of things, but priority #1 is preparing you to be an effective CEO. We are you sounding board, counsel, idea tester and accountability partner. CEO Advisory services allows us to work with you to prioritize, focus and manage your growth proactively. We work together to guide your growth, manage priorities, strategize & track progress, and show you how to leverage your relationships to get more done. Most important, we hold you accountable and keep you on track towards reaching your business goals.

How does it work?

There is no package or plan. Each session is $1500 and is conducted via phone, Skype or in person for 60 minutes. You can request a session as often as you need to. You and your advisor will meet privately, one on one, and close out the session with actionable objectives and deliverables. CEO Advisory sessions are limited and available by appointment only.

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If you are ready for a CEO Advisory Session, please contact our team at (424) 235-4680 or email to schedule a call.



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