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Networking Makes the World Go Around

Networking is about RELATIONSHIP BUILDING…PERIOD! If you’re not about building relationships, it’s not for you.

Welcome to the Business Owners Club. We promote EXPERIENTIAL NETWORKING that fosters personal and business growth by interacting live on and offline. We have a better way to network for those who really want to build relationships.



Connect, Share, Grow, Empower (Repeat)



Our Growth Clubs (The Business Owners Club) are for business owners who takes their success and relationship building seriously, and acknowledges the common causes we share. Our mission is simple: to help companies grow, drive continuing education for small business owners, promote business collaboration, encourage leads and opportunities, and elevate the quality of your network to foster real relationships.

Business owners who share and give back to others, and strives to ensure we collectively succeed. Real networking is about experiencing camaraderie, learning from one another and doing for one another. In short, this ain’t some fancy Facebook Page.

It’s an experiential relationship building group leveraging each other for success and accountability. It’s an advisory board, mastermind group and whatever you need it to be for your specific needs. The Empower Me! brand is all about growth strategies. The only people we want as part of this network are doers looking to connect to grow.


Become a Group Leader of your own licensed territory and earn revenue. Complete the application.




Levereageable networks are valuable assets that everyone should have as part of their professional development & net worth toolkit. Membership is available to men and women who own active small to mid-sized businesses, with revenues under $2 million.

What do I need from a club like this?

Before joining any network you have to start with that one basic question. Once you know what you’re looking for, it’s that much easier to determine if a network is right for you, and can meet your expectations. If you don’t understand your end goal, you waste time jumping from network to network unfulfilled. You should join a network where its members will push you to be better than your best. Where each person is committed to growth and they hold you accountable to reach those growth goals. Where they stand with you each step of the way to make sure that everyone succeeds. Where just being around like minds makes you want to do better, be better, achieve better.

[promo title=”Join a Growth Club – Grow Your Business – Make Money” button=”Register” url=”” icon=”none” target=”_blank” style=”” class=””]Come check out this information session on networking & how to join the Business Owners Club.[/promo]

What this club is NOT:

Clubs, networks and organizations are a dime a dozen and vary in purpose from one to the next. Not everything is for everyone. We’ve already told you who we are and what we’re about. Now here’s what we’re not.

  • A membership card (flashing a card does nothing but show you belong to something). No real incentive.
  • Discounts. This isn’t a way to offer you any of our services at a discount. We believe in profitability and value, not sales & upselling gimmicks. It’s all about the members.
  • Conference Calls & webinars. Listen-only conference calls are so 2009. Nobody wants to sit on a call and listen to people drone on and on about themselves, their expertise or push products. You can’t really learn or benefit from one way dialog.
  • Blog posts. Be serious. You can read blogs anywhere, any time.
  • Training videos & podcasts. This isn’t YouTube. Sure, there will be some access to videos, but we prefer to take a very hands on approach for members to get the full networking experience. It’s not about theory learning. Plus everyone’s doing them and usually to push a new product or service.
  • Huge membership headcount. Mega memberships are worried about numbers. We’re focused on the experience and the results.
  • Online forums & message boards. Everyone has a Facebook page or Linked In group. While online forums are a great place to think out loud or make connections, they can make people lazy. Our members don’t hide behind computers. They make real connections…and bring them to the online forum to continue developing them. Most organizations work in the reverse.
  • 80-20 Rule. Nope, not in our networks. It’s all hands on deck. Everyone participates, there are no wallflowers!
  • Socializing & gossip. We don’t believe in that. That’s what entertainment sites and blogs are for. We are serious about our businesses and that is the sole focus. If you happen to make friends along the way, that’s a beautiful value add. But don’t get it twisted, we’re here to help one another grow and prosper.



Membership is $3,997 annually. Membership benefits are available for the duration of your membership. Canceled membership forfeits unused benefits. All new members receive a welcome packet along with a free gift for joining. Quarterly payment plan available upon request.

Membership includes:

  • Structured meetings (meetings with a purpose- to gain valuable help, deals & leads) with no more than 10 non-competitive members in a group
  • Four 30-minute private sessions with a business mentor per year- 1 per quarter
  • Local in-person group meetings (contact us or apply to become a Group Leader by completing the application.)
  • Monthly topical member webcast (conference calls for those who can’t get to an internet connection) with member hot seats (solve a problem, provide a lesson! All groups collectively)
  • 1 business book per month for the Growth Club Book Club
  • Quarterly livecasts (also with member hot seats, special guests, member updates, opportunity matching, and Q&A)
  • Access to recordings of calls and livecasts
  • Access to private member only forum for Q&A, updates, announcements and calendar of events
  • A seat to the annual Growth Strategies Weekend Event (travel & accommodations not included)

So what kind of topics will be covered in these meetings?

I’m glad you asked! You see, we aim to be different and to be different you have to do differently. We do not cover what is readily available on the internet (internet marketing, social media, business 101) because you’re already past that level. Instead, we focus on what makes your business grow: infrastructure planning, getting your products on the shelves in a major way, expansion planning (property, logistics, investing), preparing your company for funding (not bank loans and friends & family rounds), valuation strategies, staffing planning, joint ventures, vendor management, product/service optimization, expansion, new product/service testing, revenue strategies and technology planning.

Ge the picture? This is moving you and your company into the big time. We only bring in successful, proven experts that cut through the bull. Growth can only occur when you make a commitment to stretch yourself to go big. Think Sara Blakely (Spanx), Martha Stewart (Martha Stewart Omnimedia), Oprah Winfery (OWN), Jack Dorsey (Square), Daymond John (FUBU), Alexis Maybank and Alexandra Wilkis Wilson (Gilt) level big. Can you be like them? There’s no crystal ball to determine that. But apply similar work ethic and principles with some hard work and a healthy dose of persistence and there’s no telling how high you’ll go. Can you afford not to?

*Please note, none of the above names are affiliated in any way with the Growth Clubs, however, we will be using them and others as case studies in some instances.*




Networking only works for those who actively engage. And an organization is only as strong as its members. Are you that solid link we’re looking for? Well, apply for membership.

This is an exclusive network for doers and decision makers. Recommended applicants get first priority consideration. All applicants must go through a review process before being accepted or rejected for membership. We will review your application and call you for a phone screening to ensure that this network is a fit for you and us. We must ensure that you are as committed to growth, networking, building relationships, and giving back to others. We want this experience to be balanced and mutually beneficial for all members.

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