A Cost Effective Way to Retain & Educate Your Workforce for Continued Growth


Education is the key to success. Knowledge is a powerful tool. Technology is the great equalizer. When used wisely, opportunities are endless.



A Better Way to Learn, A Better Way to Connect, A Better Way to Grow Your Business


instituteThe Internet and social media tools have taken extended education up to another level. Technology has allowed trainers and educators to deliver content to a wider audience, on-demand, any time, making it easier for the busy professional or business owner to learn at their own pace, on their own time.

Alternatively, it has depersonalized the learning experience for people on the go who maybe need more access for better clarity and learning experience. And usually the content is merely a revised version of information already available on the web in video, podcast or blog form.

Empower Me! Institute creates a learning environment where EXPERIENTIAL meets SOCIAL meets TECHNOLOGY.


So what makes us different from any other learning facility?


You’ll find many free and paid entrepreneurial or career training websites where you get full access to video on demand and pre-recorded teleclasses and webinars. But they’re mostly one-size-fits-all solutions that leave students with more questions about how the content applies to their specific situation. Well, we’re a bit different. Your business or career is the focus of your class experience. And for employers, sending your staff to our classes is a win-win incentive that increases their skills, shows you value them and adds to your bottom line.



Many small and medium sized business owners lay awake at night wondering what they can do to increase productivity, keep their staff current & engaged, and incentivize them from leaving for bigger companies with more pay and perks. Enrolling your staff in our courses  allows you to provide continued education and training to grow and retain a sustainable (and more loyal) pool of internal talent. Employees get to enhance their skills and contribute directly to your bottom line. And they are less likely to jump ship for a few dollars more or the better title. They’re not just gaining “book knowledge”, but the tools to solve problems and implement solutions by using their real situations to discover real strategies. Plus they’ll know that you care about their future with the company and want them to be part of the growth and success.



Our classes are designed to give students an opportunity to tap into not just the instructor, but their classmates in a brainstorming mastermind and focus group in a classroom setting….in real time, via the web. In the class sessions, each student shares the main problem area they are dealing with and lessons are planned around the issues of the students. As each course progresses, students not only learn the skills they came for, but also get a chance to fix their business or career problem. Teaching styles are theory meets practical application. We are the only web based training institute that uses the students as case studies in a group learning environment.



In a classroom environment, students are likely to be social because they see and interact with one another during the life cycle of a class. Our courses allow student the same opportunity, only via webcasts.  Students are required to participate (no wall flowers allowed) and are assigned accountability partners and group feedback projects. Classes have a community environment where everyone learns, shares and grows together. No person left behind!



Through technology, we bring a dynamic,  live, interactive learning experience to to your computer screen, tablet or smartphone. All of our courses are offered live and in real time.  Students can experience the classroom experience right there on their screens. And it’s not just about the flashy bells and whistles…it’s about giving you the best in professional education. We do not offer video on demand or video subscriptions to our content. However, all sessions are recorded and made available to students for the duration of the course. And we provide a DVD free of charge at the end of the course. So students go through the experience and build their own personal learning library along the way.


Why Growthcademy?

To stay competitive and ahead of the curve, you have to keep your skills and knowledge updated. Our courses allow you to explore your entrepreneurial passions, become an expert at running AND growing your business, tap into social media branding, strengthen your networking muscles and manage your career successfully. We provide courses designed to educate small and medium sized business workforces, but also for the CEO or business owner who’s serious about continuing their own education.

How far are you willing to go? How much time are you willing to invest? How much are you willing to push yourself to succeed? Will you commit to advancing your knowledge & skills?

Our team of experts offer classes in small business management, leadership, networking, social media branding, entrepreneurship, business strategy, and career management.  They are successful consultants, trainers, coaches, authors and subject matter experts. They bring their expertise and knowledge to the Institute to help you succeed and excel. They personally invest their time into delivering quality content unmatched by any other online learning facility.

What would you like to see on the Institute? We develop our curriculum with you in mind, the end user who gains the most out of these classes.  To learn more about our classes, policies and what we have coming up, please visit Growthcademy (formerly Empower Me! Institute).



Lunchtime Strategies

homebusinessmanWho Say’s Lunchtime Can’t Be Productive? Professionals don’t want to be saved or rescued. They want to be inspired. In today’s fast moving technological world, not much is considered groundbreaking. But for today’s busy professional, whose calendar is jammed packed with business and familial obligations, Empower Me! founder Adrienne Graham has introduced a way for you to “attend” informational & motivational quick coaching sessions via your desktop, smart phone, tablet or laptop…during lunch. We all need time to nurture our careers, but often lack the time to put in physical appearances.

Lunchtime Strategies™ provide a way for you to gain the knowledge and tips to advance professionally and have a group learning experience- all online, without leaving your desk.

Read more and learn about our Upcoming Sessions