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Lunchtime Strategies

Who Say’s Lunchtime Can’t Be Productive?

Lunchtime Strategies™ provide a way for you to gain the knowledge and tips to advance professionally and have a group coaching experience- all online, interactive (yeah, you get to participate), without leaving your desk. Attend 90 minute sessions in a live, interactive, web based, Lunch & Learn format. No Powerpoint slides, no boring lectures. Just fun, real talk, candid conversations with the experts and you.

Each session is chock full of wisdom and actionable nuggets you can use right away for measurable results. A different topic is selected each session for a comprehensive discussion which includes Q & A.

It is recommended that you send your questions in prior to the start time to ensure they will be answered. Special guest experts may participate in some sessions.

You can register online up to 48 hours before the start of each session and log into the webcast. Or you can log in to a dial in number and listen live. The beautiful part is you can choose how you want to participate! You can come on camera, chat in your comment or question, or just listen in via phone. Either way, you get to share in the discussion and the fun.

Lunchtime Strategies™ Sessions are $69 each, per person and are live at 12 Noon EST the first Wednesday each month. Business Owners Club network members have free access during the life of their membership. You must have internet access (on computer, smart phone or tablet) to participate. These are live interactive sessions. Video camera is required if you want to participate in the live Q&A on camera.


Upcoming Sessions

Create a Successful Magazine Blogger Experience & Make a Name for Yourself- April 3, 2013- 12PM EST

It’s exciting and humbling when you are asked to blog for a big, well-known publication. Most times it’s for free, but the exposure and a chance to make a name for yourself is a tremendous opportunity for your brand. But often bloggers get lost. The goal of the publication is to get as many bloggers in rotation as possible to drive traffic and keep content creation flowing. It’s about their statistics, not yours.

Unless you already have a respectable name for yourself and you’re a phenomenal writer, chances are you’ll be just another blogger. So what can you do to differentiate and stand out with the audience. Well for starters, it’s more than just writing a great article. It’s about the experience.

In this Lunchtime Strategies session, you will learn how I expanded my audience with just one blog post. You will learn strategies to keep readers interested in reading more from you, establish trust and relationships with readers by building a community that will follow you wherever you blog, to tap into social media to keep the audience hooked, growing and loyal, 3 things you can do to help boost traffic for yourself and fellow bloggers, position yourself as the go to expert and thought leader, and how to turn you blogging experience into other (paid) opportunities. And if you happen to be a blog or online magazine owner, you’ll learn strategies to make your blogging community prosper and grow, and how to be the place bloggers would do anything to write for even if you’re not paying them.






The Idea Whisperer- Cutting Through Chaos &  Bringing Your Ideas to Life- May 1, 2013- 12PM EST

Night after night, you lay in bed restless because you have tons of ideas swimming through your mind. As hard as you try, you can’t focus on just one business. You think of new products or services, and even whole entire businesses to start. You’re a fount of ideas. The problem is, you never execute or if you do, you have many projects in the air but none of them are getting completed. Or by far the most common, you launch all of these ideas and none of them connect in the mind of the consumers. Welcome to Idea Chaos.

You shouldn’t be trying to boil the ocean. The more projects you start, the less chance each one has of being completed or carried out with precision. Nobody is saying you can’t have multiple products, services or even businesses. But you do have to lay the foundation for each so that they are sustainable with or without your direct involvement.

In this Lunchtime Strategies session you will learn how to properly vet and test your ideas, building up to a proper launch, rallying a team to help with execution, time-lining and mapping out each project so you don’t leave loose ends, differentiating between value-added and overly idealistic ideas, testing for viability, and seamlessly integrating without causing brand confusion.








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