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iStock_000010827673XSmallEmpower Me! offers customized business growth strategies & consulting solutions designed to help you grow your business in any economy. We offer a variety of growth strategy services including private CEO advisory, business/idea feasibility studies, workforce planning & recruitment consulting, and business growth initiatives for established companies, and select startups with growth potential.

Our clients are looking to move beyond a one or two person shop into a scalable company that creates jobs and opportunities for growth.

Choose from customized growth strategy services, private consulting, strategic networking, actionable courses, and specialized group programs. You already have what you need to get ahead, let us help you tap into it.

We offer a private CEO Advisory Program, customized team education and training, and Launch Advisory Services for select startups. Clients receive in-depth assistance in custom designed strategies to create, implement, and track (and in some cases refine) your growth to move you to the next level of success.

For clients who want it “done for them”, we offer Implementation Services and Interim Leadership services. Implementation Services are designed to take all of the strategies and processes created for the company and providing a consultant or team (depending on the scale of the project) to set up, operate and train internal staff to take over long term maintenance. Interim Leaderships Services allows you to have a high level consultant come on board for a maximum period of one year to run a department or function. Typical interims include COO, Director of Recruiting, or Entrepreneur in Residence.

Flexible payment plans and fee options are available. Learn more. Consulting services start at $10,000.




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