Growth Strategies

futuregrowthOur clients come to us when they absolutely have to grow. When they’ve exhausted all options are are still not generating enough revenue or profit. When their brand isn’t picking up steam in the marketplace. When they fee they’ve hit that ceiling and don’t know how to get around it.

The smart business owner recognizes when it’s time to upgrade their business, advisors, and resources, and get help to monetize, plug revenue holes, increase sales, become more profitable, build a solid infrastructure with appropriate processes and systems in place, strengthen operations, create a better distribution process, build customer loyalty, grow brand awareness, optimize services or products, and/or build a productive staff so their company can grow and scale. Take the steps today to build a sustainable, profitable company with measurable results and a bright future. It’s the best investment you can make in growing your business.


How We Help Your Business

There is no one-size-fits-all model. Each client’s situation is unique. We work with clients with high growth potential companies. We provide customized growth solutions and strategies to clients for meeting specific business goals and objectives with their operations strategy, revenue (monetization) strategy, staffing strategy, customer strategy, automation strategy, and/or expansion strategy (please see below for complete details).  Schedule a free 15 minute Discovery Session to see how we can work together.

Types of Strategies

We provide customized strategies for clients including operations strategy (making sure the internal functions of your business have repeatable, scalable, efficient processes in place, infrastructure, revenue, business model, delivery & fulfillment, automation, supply chain), revenue strategy (monetization, revamping your pricing for profitability, turn money losing products & services into revenue generating, direct vs. indirect income, and plugging income leaks), staffing strategy (workforce planning and hiring of employees and recruitment systems & processes), expansion strategy (introduction of new products/services, existing product/service optimization, raising capital, expansion, succession), and customer strategy (acquisition, vetting, target market identification, sales process, & retention). You may need help with one area, you may need help with many. We’re here to help you get clarity and an actionable plan in place to help your business grow.


Areas of Focus

Here are the different areas within a business we have worked with our clients on, each with explanations of areas of concern for the clients. Naturally, a client may be experiencing one specific problem area, or have several in each category or across categories. Keep in mind this is a sample of some of the work we’ve done.


  • Recruitment & Employment Branding– you have to know when it makes sense to hire, how to hire to meet your needs, and be able to get in front of the right talent who want to work for you.
  • Revenue Model Optimization– figure out the best ways to further monetize your services and products so you’re not leaving money on the table.
  • Managing Finances– short term & long term cash flow planning, budgeting, managing & unlocking working capital, vendor relationships, managing expenses & spending, strategic investments, funding, managing the books.
  • Business Model Restructuring– determine the best way to deliver your products and services so that it makes sense, brings in more revenue, and keeps you from being overwhelmed.
  • Performance (Process & Systems Implementation)– set up and document processes that can be easily taught to new and existing staff members.
  • Client Vetting  & Retention System– identify & attract the right kind of client who absolutely need your product/service and can afford to pay for it, then getting in front of them to build the right relationships to ensure they continue working with/buying from you as long as it makes sense (continuity). Create systems to keep your clients coming back and also refer you to friends.
  • Customer Service Enhancement– clients are the lifeline of business. Without them there is no revenue. Create the customer service experience and systems to ensure they’ll always be taken care of.
  • Delivery (Fulfillment/Distribution)– determine the best fulfillment and delivery options to ensure clients have seamless buying experiences and costs are managed.
  • Sales Cycle– improving the sales cycle and closing rate.
  • Revenue Model Leaks– figure out where you’re losing money or leaving money on the table.
  • Pricing Strategy & Profitability– ensure that your services/products are fairly & competitively priced, and price increase strategy.
  • Cash Flow– getting the money flowing through your business.
  • Positioning– making sure your company is the go-to authority in your industry. 
  • Expansion & Succession Planning– put a plan in place for expanding the business, identifying & grooming talent and dictate what happens when it’s time for you to move on.
  • Team Building– strengthen your current team and putting a retention plan in place for them to manage to grow along with the company.

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