Open Letter to Oprah Winfrey

So I generally don’t do two blog posts on the same day. But as I sat here in my favorite Starbucks with my Momager (OK that’s my Mom who’s also the Business Manager for my business….not like the Kardashians in any way…although if she were a little more ruthless I could be making K level money…but I digress), she commented, matter of factly, how Oprah had just let go of about 30 people from OWN. This coming on the heels of the announcement of the Rosie Show being canceled, sparked a thought in my head. Up until now, I’ve tweeted Oprah, commented on her Facebook page, attended her Life Class last fall and even sent a letter to her (which I have no doubt that she never got it). But I’ve never gotten so much as a peep from Oprah. It could be because of an email I sent her a few months back telling her that her update emails were getting on my nerves (just a little bit) because they read more like newsletters than the personal, heartfelt correspondence from the lady herself. I hope she didn’t get offended. I was just being honest, one businesswoman to another more powerful businesswoman. Hey, don’t judge me!

As my Mom and I talked, I laughingly said, hmm, now there’s probably an opening for me at OWN. My Mom said why not? Go for it. Of course I looked at her like she lost her mind, but as she said it, I felt compelled to write an open letter to Oprah and posted it on my Facebook page as a joke…then I put the same letter on Oprah’s Facebook page. Don’t look at me like that, don’t judge me. Yes, I did it. As I hit the submit button, my Mom looked at me and said did you really do that? Yes, I really did. It’s no secret that Oprah has been my hero, my role model for years. When others knock her, I stand firm in my support. I don’t agree with everything she does and voice my opinions when I feel the need. Whether she hears/reads my opinion is another story altogether. But she is my business role model. And that’s why it’s vitally important that OWN not only survives, but is a success. I readily admit, I rarely watch the network. Truth be told, I’m not interested in much of the content other than anything Oprah is a part of or the Sweetie Pie show. The Judds were cool as was Shania Twain’s show. But other than that, it hasn’t held my interest. I’m hoping things change.

The last thing Oprah needs is the opinion of some Atlanta chick with no TV background or national audience of her own…wait, I DO have an audience. Just not the same volume as Oprah. But I know how to reach people and give them just what they need at the right time. I feel that right now with the economy as it is and the Presidential race being such a divisive topic, people need direction. They don’t need to see housewives fighting, basketball wives cussing each other out, people singing or sisters acting a fool for the camera. They want to know about jobs. They want to know about starting businesses. They want to have a blueprint to follow to fix or grow their struggling businesses, find jobs, and improve their professional development. They need motivation.

Guess who I have in mind to make that happen? Yup, that’s right. ME. Well, me and Oprah. I would prefer to do it on OWN, but I already have the ear of two other major networks. Who knows when or if that will come to fruition. But I would rather place my bets on OWN. Many people have written her off, but I have not. I joke constantly about her being the only person on this earth who is inaccessible and untouchable. Well for me, this has been the case. But I’ve learned to never say never. So today I bring this open letter to Oprah in the hopes that she sees it and more importantly GETS IT. People’s tastes for TV are changing. They want the real, they want solutions. Solutions TV™ is what I propose. So Oprah, when you’re ready to chat, let’s do it. And I’ll spring for the lattes. Here is my letter:


Open message to Oprah Winfrey:

Dear Ms. Winfrey,

I heard about your round of terminations. It’s always sad when people lose their jobs, but I assume this means there’s an opening for me at your network. I’d be more than happy to send you my CV, samples of my writing, speaking engagements and show clips. Let me know where to send it all. I can be on camera or behind the scenes, I’m not greedy. Just as long as the show is serving the intended purpose.

People are ready for television that gives them real, implementable solutions that will help them get back on track in this sour economy. Whether finding jobs or starting (or growing) a business, I have what they need. I don’t have television experience, but I have been invited to several shows as a guest expert. What I am proposing is a meeting of the minds (you with the network and opportunity, and me with the real world knowledge from the vantage point of a recruiter/business owner/entrepreneur/strategist/talk show hostess/writer). I can see it very clearly, if you give people implementable SOLUTIONS and examples of people they can model themselves after, along with healthy doses of advice, motivation and incentive, you will have done what many other networks have been afraid to attempt. That is to fix America’s businesses, put people back to work, and give people a chance at the American dream through REAL entrepreneurship. And I don’t mean creating the next Facebook.

So think it over and have your people get back to my people. I look forward to hearing from you.


Adrienne Graham
Author, Talk Show Hostess, Entrepreneur

PS, you can reach me at 866-810-2525. I will be in Los Angeles in May. You name the time, date and place, and I’ll make it happen.


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  1. Hello, I am also a business woman running a massage business. I am legally blind/visually impaired and was running this place for about 3 years now. It was a fascinating and great business up until we got hit by the economy’s downfall. The only thing that is making us still stay afloat are the people.. not only that we have great and wonderful clients.. we have an amazing and powerful team that works as a Massage Therapist. With all our positive energy and support, we are all fighting the CRISIS.. but with the strong negative impact of the economy.. we are being drained and pulled down by the numbers $$$ We have a lot of ideas to make things meet but the $$$ is not helping us fulfill our plans and strategies. What can you suggest about this?

  2. Empower me with knowledge on how to grow my self, am in network marketing and ive been there for three years. i want to grow in business

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