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Inspire Me- Media Division

Inspire Me

Currently, our Media Properties are all online. Over 71 million people turn to on-demand online videos each day. People in general are on the move and have less time to sit idle at home watching TV. They are getting there news, continuing education and information from the Internet (mobile or otherwise). The beauty of our content and platforms is that people can access it from their smartphones, laptops, or tablets, while still accessing familiar formats of TV, radio and Internet.

We are not limiting ourselves to solely the Internet, but rather, exploring  a combination of cable, radio, internet and mobile media to deliver quality content. Our goal is to bring content to cable television. Projects focus on programming that offers solutions and resolution on issues that today’s upwardly mobile Professional, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs demand to see. Our projects address business growth, success, corporate advancement, power networking, professional development, leadership, relationship building, negotiating, mentoring, social branding and entrepreneurship. We’re committed to showcasing successful men and women and giving valuable, implementable learning lessons to our audience.


Empower Me! Radio is home to our cornerstone show Views From the Top Radio Show, but we are looking for inspiring show hosts to bring new shows and content. We are looking to build an inspirational, educational and motivational station that is your one stop shop for news and advice on growth, success, professional development, entrepreneurship, small business, career management and financial empowerment. We are now accepting applications for show hosts. You can check it out on its new site Empower Me! Radio.


In May 2009, Views From the Top Radio Show debuted on Blog Talk Radio. It is a 30 minute show that takes a look at hard hitting issues affecting business owners, entrepreneurs and people in the corporate world who are on the path to greatness. Guests share their tips and professional “war stories”. The show not only examines issue, but also offers actionable, implementable solutions every person can apply to their circumstances. These people take no prisoners, make no excuses and play to win. Adrienne Graham hosts the show Fridays at 9AM EST. The show is also available on iTunes.


The Internet TV channel Empowered for Growth TV allows us the opportunity to share professional development experiences through live streaming media and on-demand. Content is focused on and emphasizes growth, success,  business ownership, professional development, career management, leadership, networking, social media branding, professional branding, entrepreneurship and issues (good bad, or indifferent) that men and women face in building their business or career. We also celebrate the successes of people who may not get as much media spotlight or attention as more prominent people who are consistently in the public eye. Our goal is to bring not just real content, but useful content that people want to see that will help them improve as they grow and apply to their individual situations.


audiopodcastThe latest entry to our media portfolio is the Real Talk with Adrienne Graham Podcast. Sometimes topics don’t require a full hour or even thirty minutes. These short audio podcasts provide tips, opinions, motivation, and whatever is on the mind at the time straight from Adrienne Graham, and are anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes long. You can listen on the Spreaker channel, download each podcast, or check it out in iTunes.


In 2013, we will be debuting new shows and personalities on Empower Me! Radio and Empowered for Growth TV. So if you think you have what it takes to host a show with us, reach out to us!  Due to the volume of responses, we cannot reply to everyone who reaches out. We will only contact those we have an interest in speaking with. All unsolicited show ideas are not protected.

If you are considering submitting a story, show idea, or any written or recorded works, please read our Submission Disclaimer.

For more information about advertising, please download our Media Kit.

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