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Empower Me! Magazine- Your Blueprint to Growing Your Business


readingtabletEmpower Me! Magazine is a global, quarterly print & digital magazine that focuses on issues that today’s business leaders demand to see and discuss. The magazine covers small business management, growth strategies, expansion, making deals, power networking, professional development, leadership, relationship building, finance, negotiating, mentoring, branding and entrepreneurship. But most of all, common sense approaches to discussions and taking action to grow your business.

Our commitment is to spotlight successful people and giving valuable learning lessons to men and women currently defining and exploring options for growing their business. The magazine serves as a catalyst to not just prepare for business readiness, but also genuine networking and taking action instead of just talking or reading about issues that affect you personally and professionally.

We differ from others because the magazine originated from networking first,  while other magazines launched first, then followed up with events and attempted networking. They fall short in recognizing that networking requires follow through and follow up, and shouldn’t be thought of only at quarterly or annual events. Our established networks allow for the continued growth and expanded dialog within the business community.

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